General Construction of Pyramid-Temples

    The general temple-pyramid consisted of a platform, a long, broad, steep double staircase going up the center, with balustrades going up the sides of the steps.  The Aztecs used sculpted stone blocks and skulls to decorate the platform and the ends of the balustrades.  At the the top was a sacrificial block where sacrifices would take place.  Behind this block the temple or temples would be built.  They would have a back room containing the idol of the temple and an antechamber for the priest.  The inside walls were ornamented with either sculpture or painted(Vaillant 159).  The roof would be thatched in poorer temples or would be make of wooden support beams used in a style like a corncrib built up so that it got smaller toward the top(Vaillant 160).  Blocks of stone which they carved were used to make a mosaic of intricate geometric design to decorate their temples(Vaillant 145).

    Ancient Mayan pyramids and temples were designed similarly.

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