Twin Stair Pyramids

    In the pyramids that the Aztecs built, the early Aztecs used a style very similar to that of earlier Mesoamerican people of the Classic and Post Classic periods, including the Maya.  There were some differences though.
    An example of the twin stair pyramid is the Temple Mayor of Tenochtitlan.  At its summit, it had two temples and a double staircase.  Each temple was dedicated to a seperate god.  The one on the left was dedicated to Tlaloc and was decorated with blue and white paint to signify water and moisture.  The Aztecs worshipped him because of his connection with the life giving and taking qualities of the rain.  The right temple was dedicated to Huitzilopochti and was painted in red and white to honor war and sacrifice(Townsend 145).
    This pyramid was so steep that one could not see the temple on top unless they had climbed the pyramid and their head had cleared the platform.  This signified that the gods were so much above the people and earthly things that one could not even come close to them if they were not at the top of the pyramids.  This was because the gods lived in the sky. 

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