Astrological and Religious Connection

    There was a strong religious and astrological connection to the building endeavors of the Mayans.  For example, they might build a temple in a specific location so that if you faced the front you would be looking south to see the path of the Jaguar.  The sun, rising in the east and setting in the west, would circle the temple.  The steps to the temple would be placed exactly in the middle so that the priest would be in better touch with the gods.  Some building also possessed daily and yearly time functions(Schele and Freidel 114). Religion also played an important role in Aztec and Inca building.

    Mayan buildings also have a metaphoric value.  The Mayans believed that the pyramids were representations of mountains:  temples represented caves to the underworld, doorways represented monster mouths and both were decorated accordingly(Stuart 117).

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