Current architecture students, recent architecture graduates, professors, other interested individuals and institutions are encouraged to submit a BEST PRACTICE for inclusion on the REBOOT web site. Tangible ideas or supportive programs related to the architectural design thesis that have been tested and put into practice are encouraged. Submissions will be posted on read the BEST PRACTICES to help direct the future of the architectural design thesis.


Nine broad topic areas are being used to index the best practices: DEFINITION poses the question, what is the design thesis? RESEARCH concerns the methods used in architectural research. prep asks how to get ready for the design thesis. WORK is the day-to-day process of developing a design thesis. FANTASY+WHIMSY probes the origin of ideas and the role of originality in the design thesis. CULTURE is what makes each school unique in relation to their environment and values. ADVISORS considers the roles and expectations of design thesis faculty. VALUE concerns the educational benefits of doing a design thesis. REPRESENTATION looks at how thesis ideas are communicated through drawing and making.

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Please note that submissions will be evaluated and might be edited for their suitability on the web site.