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"Mini" Projects/Assignments

Six different “mini” assignments will be assigned over the course of the semester. Each assignment in this component will be graded on a 20 point scale and the assignments in total will contribute 20% to the final semester grade. NO make-ups will be permitted for assignments done in-class and missed due to absence nor will credit be given for "mini" assignments completed out of class that are received late. However, your single lowest score among these projects will be dropped. The assignments include both written critiques and visual explorations and will focus on the reading required for the time period during which they are assigned. Total contribution to Final Grade: 20%

Brief descriptions of the mini projects are posted below. Links to more detailed assignment sheets will be posted on the day that the assignments are begun. The dates that the mini projects will be assigned will not be pre-announced.

  • Mini Project 1: Online Interactive Digital Map
    • In this project we'll create an interactive digital map composed of images and text that you believe identify and represent some aspect of your personality. The map will be posted online.
  • Mini Project 2: Cognitive Walkthrough
    • An exercise that gives practice in conducting a "cognitive" walkthrough and comparison of the usability of two related web interfaces
  • Mini Project 3: Altered Images
    • This project asks you to work with imaging software and, as you do so, to consider the ways in which the tools, filters, and menus of software programs influence and affect your imagination and thinking.
  • Mini Project 4/5: Image Sequence
    • A combined project in which you will work from photographic images to propose or convey an idea or concept through the composing of images
  • Mini Project 6: Cultural Remixing
    • Suppose the universe was a conglomerate of overlapping incidents, thoughts and experiences. This exercise explores how digital and online environments affect our perceptions and understandings of local and global cultures.


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