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The Course Projects area of the Art 211 website provides detailed guidelines for the different projects assigned for credit throughout the course of the semester. The Projects area is updated regularly throughout the semester and students are encouraged to refer back on a regular basis so that they remain informed of the most recent updates.

The projects in Art 211 are designed to present students with different types of assignments that are of both informal and formal natures. The assignments vary from writings based on brief responses to assignments used as part of class discussions to ones in which students engage in substantial planning and research. Although each of the assignments contributes in worthy ways to students' learning, and thus none should be treated in a dismissive way, it's important to remember that not all carry equal weight in terms of contribution to final grades.

Review the assignment descriptions carefully paying particular attention to the format descriptions, the technical and documentation requirements, and the evaluation criteria that are provided for each project. Don't forget to use the "General Writing Tips for Essays and Short Papers" as a reference sheet for guidelines on how to write well-written papers and essays.