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New Media/Digital Art Reviews

Review I Review II Review III
Status: Due Jan. 30, 2006
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Status: Due Feb. 22, 2006
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Status: Due Mar. 22, 2006
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General description: A series of three short papers written over the course of the semester in which students are asked to examine selected new media/digital art objects and then write critical reviews of them. The specific questions or issues examined within the reviews will be structured to relate to the material currently under study.

Purposes: This series of assignments provides opportunities to review specific new media/digital art objects that relate to the ideas and concepts under study and to discuss the significance of these works to the field of new media/digital art and to the broader visual culture. In this regard, the reviews are intended to expand upon course content and to have students apply these concepts to their examination and thinking about new media works of art and their larger cultural roles. These assignments are also intended to introduce and to emphasize the notion that writing and thinking are process-based—that the ways we think and how we are able to express our thoughts are learning processes that evolve through experience and practice.

Relationship to course content/objectives/goals: This series of assignments addresses aspects of several of the course objectives. By examining, studying, and interacting with new media objects/digital art, students gain experience with the language, aesthetics, and concepts that are part of new media works. Students also encounter the impact of the technologies used in these works via the hands-on interaction required for the reviews. Exposure to carefully selected sets of works (for each review) also facilitates students becoming familiar with exemplary works and artists as well as the techniques and practices they employ. Finally, the reviews require students to think critically about the works they are reviewing and to consider the significance of these objects to the field of new media and to the broader visual culture.

Structure: The Media Review assignments are brief (500 to 600 words or approximately 2 to 3 pages) and students are encouraged to practice writing concisely in the presentation of their points and arguments. The reviews are not intended to be written from a solely intuitive perspective; rather, students are encouraged to support their points and assertions with appropriate references and research.

Technical Requirements

Media Reviews should:

  • be 500 – 600 words long and presented in a fully polished and edited style of language appropriate for a university-level audience;
  • demonstrate a reasoned response and analysis of the object under review;
  • document any supporting research source using the citation standards of: American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), or the Chicago Manual of Style; and
  • be typed as double-spaced documents that use standard fonts such as Times, Arial, or Helvetica.

Evaluation Criteria

Each Media Review contributes 10% to your final grade for the course. The reviews are graded on a 100-pt. scale and evaluation will include both peer review and instructor evaluation. Specific evaluation criteria will be provided for each review at the time it is assigned and on the assignment sheet.


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