Digital Document Design

Art 497A Spring 2001

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Scalable Vector Graphics: The Art is in the Code by Eddie Traversa
The [Power] of SVG and perl
Built-in datatypes for Simple Types in XML Schema
Using XML Schema by Eric van der Vlist
Digging Animation by Antoine Quint (a SVG article)
What is XML? by Norman Walsh
Raise Your Standards by Molly E. Holzschlag
SVG and SWF output in Adobe Illustrator
Elizabeth Castro text website
Blogger Manifesto by Andrew Sullivan


John Warnock on PDF (A PDF file)
PDF and Accessibility by Shirley Kaiser


Charlotte Gray site by Jeffrey Zeldman
Flash Usability by Meryl K. Evans
3-D Engine

Some sources for design

adacito with various skins
moreCrayons larger color palette

Instructor: Jerrold Maddox

The Pennsylvania State University