*William H. Johnson, Still-Life, oil on canvas, c. 1923-26
*William H. Johnson, Cagnes-sur-mer, oil on canvas, 1928-29
*William H. Johnson, Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 1929
William H. Johnson, Minnie, oil on canvas, 1930
William H. Johnson, Jacobia Hotel, oil on canvas, 1930
*William H. Johnson, Self-Portrait with Pipe, oil on canvas, c. 1937
*William H. Johnson, Nude (Mahlinda), oil on canvas, 1939-40
*William H. Johnson, Café, oil on board, c. 1939-40
William H. Johnson, Jesus and the Three Marys, oil on wood, 1939-40
*William H. Johnson, Going to Church, oil on burlap, 1940-41
William H. Johnson, Chain Gang, oil on wood, c. 1939-40
William H. Johnson, Man with a Vest, 1935-40
*Horace Pippin, Saturday Night Bath, oil, burnt wood panel, 1941
*Horace Pippin, The End of the War: Starting Home, oil and mixed media, 1931
*Horace Pippin, Victorian Interior, oil on canvas, 1946
*Horace Pippin, Domino Players, oil on canvas, 1943
*Horace Pippin, Cabin in the Cotton III, oil on canvas, 1944
*Horace Pippin, Holy Mountain II, oil on canvas, 1944
*Palmer Hayden, Fetish and Flowers, oil on canvas, c. 1933
Palmer Hayden, The Subway, oil on canvas, c. 1933
*Palmer Hayden, Midsummer Night in Harlem, oil on canvas, 1938
*Palmer Hayden, The Janitor Who Paints, oil on canvas, 1939-40

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