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The BSL command loads data into a bit array one bit at a time. The data is shifted through the array, then unloaded one bit at a time. An example for the use of this instruction might be for tracking bottles through a bottling line where each bottle constitutes a bit.

The BSL command AB button for EQU command is an output instruction that loads data into a bit array one bit at a time. When the rung goes from false to true, the enable bit (EN bit 15) is set and the data block is shifted to the right (to a lower bit number) one bit position.The specified bit at the bit address is shifted into the last bit position. The first bit is shifted out of the array and stored in the unload bit (UL bit 10) in the status byte of the control element. The shift is completed immediately.This command is equivalent to the BSR command except for the fact that the designated register shifts in the opposite direction.

The following procedures occur when True.

The wraparound operation is completed when the position of the bit address is equal to the last bit of the array or to the UL bit, whichever applies.

Instruction Parameters

Several parameters must be set when programming this instruction. A definition and explanation is given below for each parameter.