Food Chemistry





Section 1: Kinetics
        Lecture notes (PDF)
        Examples page (Excel spreadsheet - download from the right-click menu)

Supporting Information
        Davidson University page on chemical kinetics (good theory review with Java support)
        Ted Labuza's pages on food deterioration kinetics

Section 2: Water
  Lecture notes (PDF)
        PowerPoint presentations on the structure and properties of solutions, water activity, phase behavior

Supporting Information
Mark Chaplin's pages on water structure
        Ted Labuza's pages on water

Section 4: Proteins
        Lecture notes (PDF)
        PowerPoint presentations on protein structure, denaturation, and functionality
        RasMol (early version) molecular visualization tool (PDB files - open through RasMol: a-helix, b-sheet, b-lactoglobulin)
        UMass page on RasMol and protein visualization tools
        Folding at home protein structure page - great on basics of structure formation
        Business briefing on protein functionality

Section 3: Dispersed Systems
        Lecture notes (PDF)
        Presentation on all of the Dispersions material.  A distillation of the three presentations below covering the material covered in 2004.
        PowerPoint presentations on dispersed systems, colloidal stability and emulsions and foams
        Excel spreadsheet to calculate DVLO potentials
        Northwestern University Physics page showing a simulation of fractal aggregation (required QuickTime)

Section 5: Carbohydrates
        Lecture notes (PDF)
        PowerPoint presentations on carbohydrate structure (new presentation on browning), starch, and polysaccharides.
        Download Chime (molecular visualization plug in for web browsers) and IsisDraw (chemical drawing program) free from MDL Information Systems (registration required).
        Clear, simple page on carbohydrate chemistry, another one (highly recommended)
        A University of Hereford site on simple sugar structures
        Mark Chaplin's page on hydrocolloids
        Look up monosaccharide structures
        Strange Oregon State story about Maillard chemistry
        Starch structure and functionality (R. Waniska)

Section 6: Lipids
        Lecture notes (PDF)
        PowerPoint presentation on lipid structures, oxidation (examples), tempering and crystallization
        Chem-Cards series on lipids (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities)
        Lipid oxidation (C. Kerth)
        Lipid crystallization (S. Dungan)

Section 7: Small molecules
        PowerPoint presentations on food aroma and colors
        Ventura College page giving several useful molecular models rendered in Chime.
        Page on color blindness