This page was prepared as part of a class assignment for Food Chemistry (FDSC400) by Konstantinos Angelis, Mathia Davies, Elizabeth Lenihan,  and Kevin Shaver.



Saccharin (o-Benzoic Sulfimide)


Molecular Formula:        C7H5NO3S
Molecular Weight:         183.18
Melting Point:                229 to 230 C
Appearance:                  Crystalline powder
Color:                           White
Odor:                            Odorless/faint aromatic odor
Taste:                           300 to 500 times sweeter than sucrose
Stability:                       Stable at high temperatures

- to reduce bulk
- to retain flavor
- to enhance flavor

- Tests on rats prove that saccharin causes cancer in animals.
- Tests on humans fail to prove the link between saccharin and cancer in humans.

- The American Medical Association
- The American Cancer Society
- The American Society of Bariatric Physicians