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HPA 301W   Health Services Policy Issues  Fall 2002 

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Tm = team
IB1 = issue brief project #1 (solo)
IB2 = issue brief project # 2 (tm)
= Taking Sides (reader)


Wk 1

In class
(Topics, activities, quizzes, etc.)

Outside class
(Projects, due dates, readings)

Tu Aug 27  


Welcome; overview, course goals; policies; expectations 
Meet  teaching team; meet classmates
Assessment survey (how we learn what you know already)
What "policy issues" are + other key terms; 
What trends are, their importance 
Intro to first project, solo Policy Issue Brief ("IB1" )

Read carefully at this site (click above):
- Syllabus (goals, policies, etc.)
- Project Instructions
Review the text:
- Taking Sides (TS) .  -Bring photocopy of recent ID photo (drivers licence, PSU ID, etc.) for teaching team's use. 

Th Aug 29

Project, Part A: Stakeholders -what, who,how?
Group exercise: stakeholders define a problem
Information literacy: what, why, how

Study carefully Pattee's Information Literacy @
Read: Project Instructions

Wk 2

In class

Outside class

Tu Sep 3

Get issue topic assignment: IB1
Part A Stakeholders
(steps w/ illustration): 
- narrow the topic to single issue
-state as problem, preliminarily (e.g., Which of  several    possible problems? Who "has" this problem?)
- identify 2 main stakeholders, pro&con, + their web sites
- learn their positions on the issue
- learn their resources (budget, personnel, alliances)
- learn actions they've taken to affect policy  

Start Part A
-narrow topic (discuss w/ others) 
-do process steps reviewed in class

Prepare for first quiz, Thursday

Th Sep 5

Quiz on  "Issue Brief  Instructions"
Information literacy (contíd.):
-Topic narrowing (in pairs)
Intro to key stakeholder web sites:
-providers, -insurers, -payers, -consumers, -regulators, etc.
Exercise: search stakeholder web sites, answers key questions

Work on Part A, due Tuesday 

Wk 3

In class

Outside class

Tu Sep10 

Due:  Part A, at start of class
 Peer review of drafts, & re-writing
 Part B: Policy Background
document how & when the issue emerged
-outline the sequence of key developments, especially government actions (chronology)
-identify quantitative trends showing how changes in costs, access, & quality help define the issue; 
-trends: sources of data; examples

Start: Part B
-read IB1 instructions for Part B


Th Sep12

Note taking: lecture vs. text vs. WWW
Theft, or "plagiarism": what it is, how to avoid it;  risks in doing it. Introduction to Controversial Issue # 1

Read: TS, Issue # 1: "Will managed care improve health care in the US?"  (quiz Tuesday 29 Jan)

Wk 4

In class

Outside class

Tu Sep 17

Quiz  & discussion on issue #1 Managed care 
-Trends in managed care (costs, etc.)
Part A graded, returned; most common problems discussed

Meet w/  Writing coach or TA to understand
- readers' comments
- revision & re-submission process
- improving search & writing strategies

Th  Sep 19

Due:  Part B;  peer review of drafts
Part C: Definition
(steps w/ illustration)
-Restate, or redefine the issue, if needed
-Learn for whom, why & how is this problematic
-Describe the extent of the problem
-Specify why this is a "public" policy issue

Read "Instructions" Part C 
Start Part C

Wk 5

In class

Outside class

Tu Sep 24  

Intro to issue #2,  Rationing: definitions, types. Rationing: -Medicare -Medicaid -UK -Oregon

Read: TS, Issue #2 "Should Health Care for the Elderly Be Limited?"
Handouts on rationing 

Th Sep 26

Part Bs returned: results reviewed .                     Introduce Part D: Monitor issue's development                                                                Part E: Executive- Summary.
Part F: Bibliography              

Continue work on Part C. Part C due tomorrow at noon, but may be submitted earlier
Prepare to start parts D, E, F as soon as C is completed.

Fri 27 Sep Due: Part C at 12 noon at HPA ==> Office at 116 Henderson Bldg.

Wk 6

In class

Outside class

Tu Oct 1

Quiz  & discuss issue #2 Elder health care limits + rationing; Rationing exercise in groups 

Continue work on Part D, E, F

Th Oct 3

Due: Parts D, E & F  Peer review in class 

   Part C~ returned .                            

Wk 7

In class

Outside class

Tu Oct 8 

Parts D, E, & F returned; review final details: see "Format Checklist" in IB Instructions.
Intro issue 4: Should [MD residents] unionize?

Prepare final submission of IB1~4pm Th      Respond to all comments on drafts           Prepare: cover sheet, title page, contents

Th Oct10

Due: IB1, all drafts + final revisions @ 4pm or earlier. Late penalty: 15% /day 

IB1s will not be returned (you should keep a copy). But students may review work.

Tu Oct 15  No class  ~ mid-semester break No class

Wk 8

In class

Outside class

Th Oct 17

Begin brief oral reports + "Q&A" on IB1s (10-15 min each, 2-3 per session)                                                Intro to IB2 and teamwork 
- Tms & topic assignments;  - Tms: what, why, how?
- Exercise: "Survivor" (Are two heads better than one?)
- Tm learning cycle; effective meetings; agendas;               Review of questions, Part A

Start Second Project: ("IB 2") - Note new sequence: C, B, A, D-E-F
Team Issue Brief, Review Part A Instructions
Read TS issue #3, "Should doctors-in-training be unionized?"    

Tu Oct 22

Quiz & discussion: "Should doctors-in-training be unionized?"
Informal team progress reports;  Tm meetings in class (last 15 min);  10 Tips for Better Teams
Continue IB1 oral reports

Teams: work on IB2, Part A.

Wk 9

In class

Outside class

Th Oct 24 


Due: IB2, Part C (note switch from IB1 sequence!)
-formal team progress reports; peer assessment
 Review of questions in part B

Start: IB2, Part B
Teams, work on IB2, Part B .              -tm mtgs w/ instructors at separate location, to be designated  (Important, all team members must attend)

Tu  Oct 29 

Assessment & return of Part C drafts
-Resolving team conflicts
-Editing: how 5 people can write a document 


In class

Outside class

Th Oct 31  

Due: Part B 
Formal team progress reports;
Review of questions in Part C .
Intro to issue #4: Employer-based health insurance.

Start: IB2, Part A
Read: TS, Issue #4: "Should health insurance be based on employment?"  

Tu Nov 5

Quiz; discuss issue #4 Employer-based insurance;
Tips on completing teamwork on Part C

Work on Part C: tm mtgs


In class

Outside class

Th Nov 7  

Due: Part A
Peer assessment of teams' drafts
Formal team progress reports
Review of guidelines on trends, exec summary, and bibliography 
Part X:   Policy recommendation
Examples of policy recommendations

  Start: Parts D,E,F, & X

Tu Nov 12  

Assessment & return of  Part A;
Review: checklist for format details.

Tms work on D,E,F,X


In class

Outside class

Th Nov 14

Due: Parts D, E, F & X
Guidelines for oral presentations

Start: Tm prep for oral presentations 
Plan oral presentations

Tu  Nov 19

Parts D,E,F reviewed & returned to tms
Instructions on oral presentations. 
- Team decisions on oral presentations (who does what?) Introduction to Issue #8 Body Parts Markets?

Preparing for oral presentations
Rehearsal schedules
Mock presentations w/ feedback from other teams 


In class

Outside class

Th Nov 21

Due: all drafts & revisions of IB2:  by 12 noon at HPA Office 116 Henderson (get receipt)
Oral presentation preparation (cont'd)
-Strict time limits; penalty for time over-runs; visuals guidelines; rehearsals critical
-Responsibilities of questioning teams
Late penalty: - 15% per day or any fraction thereof.  Each team member should keep own copy of IB2.
Tu  Nov 26 

Continue rehearsal of teams' oral presentations
Issue #8 Should there be a market in body parts?"  

Develop questions for other teams
  Thurs Nov 28 Thanksgiving Day


In class

Outside class

Tu Dec 3 Tmsí oral presentations: Tms 1, 2, 3.
Questions from teams 4,5,6

Tms 4,5,6: re-assess w/ perspective of first presentations

Th Dec5 

Tmsí oral presentations: Tms 4, 5, 6.
Qs from teams 1, 2, 3, etc

No oral presentations after today


In class

Outside class

Tu Dec10 

Review of course, of issue brief exercise; of issues.     Student Rating of Teaching Effectiveness  

Th Dec 12

Confidential assessment of learning  in entire course
Summary and "commencement"



Key Due Dates : Issue Brief projects

Part Due

IB1 (Solo) 
(8 wks total)

IB2 (Team)
 (7 wks total)

Part A

Tu  10 Sep       (7 days)

Part C:  Th 24 Oct    (7 days)

Part B

Th   19 Sep      (9 days)

Part B:   Th 31 Oct     (7 days)

Part C

Fri   27 Sep     (8 days)

Part A:   Tu  7 Nov    (8 days)

Pts. D,E,F       

Th   3 Oct        (6 days)

D,E,F,X   Th 14 Nov  (7 days) 

All drafts, rev'snsdue 

Th  10 Oct       (7 days)

Th  21 Nov                (7 days)

Key Dates: Issue Controversy quizzes 

Quiz  Date Topic/ Issue #
1  Th 5 Sep    (wk 2b) on Issue brief instructions
2  Tu 17 Sep   (wk 4a) Will managed care improve health care..?
3  Tu 1 Oct     (wk 6a) Should heath care for the elderly...? 
4  Tu 22 Oct   (wk 9b) Should doctors in training be unionized?
 Tu 5 Nov    (wk11b) Should health insurance be based on employment? 
6  Tu 26 Nov  (wk13b) Should there be a market in body parts?
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