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1 July 1999
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Map Projections

Use the following links to learn more about map projections, datums, and coordinate systems.

Coordinates and Datums (added 16 August 1999)  Authoritative guide to U.S. military coordinate systems.

Projections and Coordinates (added 22 July 1999)  Nice, clear descriptions with figures.  European point of view; good contrast with the omnipresent North American point of view.  In French.

Map Projection Overview    Peter Dana (U. Texas) provides a large organized collection of map projections.  Note: his definition of "conformal" is not correct.  A conformal projection preserves local angles, not scale.

Geodetic Datum Overview    Peter Dana, U. Texas

Coordinate Systems Overview    Peter Dana.  Covers State Plane coordinates, planar systems, 3D systems, and many others (zip codes, e.g.)

Picture Gallery of Map Projections    Direct links to pictures of many, many projections.

Mapping the Map Projection to the Need    Collection of a dozen articles on map projections.   From the Deasy geographics laboratory, PSU.

Selecting a Map Projection    Detailed overview of criteria for choosing a map projection.

AUSLIG     Calculation methods for spherical distances and areas plus datum and projection algorithms.

Map Projection Software     Links to public domain cartographic software.

More Links     From Hunter College.