This assignment is the same as the first homework asignment except that you are to find two sales job postings on the WWW. You must submit a printed copy of each job posting and must indicate the URL at which I can find the posting. The printed copy must be an original: you may not photocopy the submission of a classmate. A good starting point in your search is at CareerStuff.

These sales job postings are to be of the following two types, as in the first homework assignment:

  • 1. One of these would be acceptable to you (and you must qualify) when you graduate.

  • 2. You would aspire to one of these once you got some experience.

On separate sheet of paper, write (handwritten OK) a page or so explaining why you would be interested in each of these two positions. If you really have no desire to go into sales, do say so! Nonetheless, choose ads that would at least be "the least bad of the undesirable" and explain why these would be better than the others if you had no other choices. Don't feel that you have to impress me - be honest with yourself and with me (Ahah! One characteristic required in sales!) in your enthusiasm or lack of enthusiasm. Staple your written discussion to the two printed postings.

Keep such terms as the following in mind throughout the course: draw, drawing account, base, advance, expense account, earnings potential, inside sales, outside sales, field sales, route sales, retail sales, account rep., manufacturer's rep., sales engineer, MLM, direct sales, direct marketing.

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