Definition of Sexual Harassment
What is Considered Sexual Harassment.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

Legally Defined Forms of Sexual Harassment
Although perceptions of what is and what is not considered sexual harassment differs from individual to individual, there are two legal forms of sexual harassment: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Environment. Based on Nancy Wyatt’s Sexual Harassment Training.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs when females harass males, males harass females, males harass other males, or females harass other females.  Some types of sexual harassment include:

1.    gender harassment - sexist comments about women
2.    seductive behavior - repeated and unwanted sexual invitations
3.    sexual bribery - solicitations of sexual conduct in the promise of a reward
4.    sexual coercion - threat of punishment
5.    sexual imposition - forceful touching

Citation: Handout "Types of Sexual Harassment."

Other examples of sexual harassment include sending email messages or leaving repeated phone messages for someone who has clearly indicated no interest. Making regular sexually suggestive remarks to an individual who has not displayed interest and requested that you stop the behavior is considered sexual harassment. Finally, sending unsolicited pornographic material and/or obscene messages to someone is considered sexual harassment.